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Stock-takes and socials

Cricket at The Oval

Cricket at The Oval

It’s been a very busy month and a half since I last had the chance to write a blog post; for that I’m sorry! If you decide to follow the trainee accountancy path one of the first things you’ll realise is how busy your life suddenly can be.

Since my last post I have done a lot of things in and out of work. As I mentioned, I had a few more exams and have now completed 9 in total! I keep telling myself that’s 60% of the way through (despite the hardest exams being the ones yet to come!).

Also, quite soon after we started the blog, I helped organise a Pointless themed quiz with our training manager, Peter Ellis. Between us we came up with an extended version of the popular show, presented it to 20 members of staff and handed out a fair few prizes for pointless answers! There was also a lot of pizza available to keep everyone’s brains working. This hasn’t been the only social in the past month however; a fortnight ago we took a trip to The Oval in Vauxhall to watch Kent vs. Surrey in a T20. Although cricket isn’t really my thing there are always new social events cropping up, and if you want to spend some time getting to know your colleagues and have fun in the process then Shipleys is a great place to do that.

Of course, one of the main contributors to the busy life of a trainee accountant is work. Working in audit can, at times, be relaxed and quite contained within the office (Terinder mentioned working on a client’s accounts), but it is more often than not quite full-on. For example, today was my first day back in the office after going to Glastonbury Festival over the weekend and I arrived in the office at 9:00am to be told straight away that I was to attend a stock-take in Staines. This meant returning to rush hour traffic and getting to grips with the client’s business and reading over the prior year notes on the train. The silver lining is that the weather in London at the minute is lovely and the stock-take took place outside in a steel yard.

I would say one of the best things about this job for me is being out of the office and meeting new people and new clients; seeing how different businesses are run and getting an understanding of various industries. In the past few weeks I have worked on everything from clients in the Media and Entertainment industry to an Open Ended Investment Company!

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I work in the Audit team and started as a trainee in August 2014. I studied Mathematics at the University of Sheffield. I work on the audit and accounts of a variety of Shipleys' clients.