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My experience so far

I graduated from university in July last year and had a lovely month of relaxing at home before the big move to London and starting my full time graduate job. I’ve been at Shipleys for just under 10 months now, and in those 10 months I’ve already achieved so much. I was thrown into tuition for my first certificate level exams right from the start, and by November had already sat 3 of the 15 exams necessary to become chartered. Now, I have sat a further 3 exams at the professional stage (they were stressful but extremely rewarding) and I am studying for my next 2 certificate level exams already! The exams, although tough, allow you to progress technically within the workplace and take on new challenges with each job.

But it’s not all work and no play; one of the reasons I chose a job in accountancy, and Shipleys in particular, was for the appealing work-life balance. It’s true that whilst studying for exams your life can be a bit overwhelming (in the fact it’s non-stop) but during the rest of the year the work hours are good and Shipleys organise various social events for their employees. I joined the social committee at Shipleys after about 6 months of working for them and this year we have one big event planned for each month – these include a Shipleys sports day in the Summer and a treasure hunt around London in the Autumn.  As Terinder mentioned, it’s not only big events that get everyone out of the office but also trips to our local pub “The Comedy” on a Friday after work.

As someone who made the move to London so soon, and from a small town in the North-West of England, one of my main worries was being in this huge city and struggling to make friends. Shipleys successfully fought off this worry; with so many fellow trainees and friendly, approachable managers and partners, I have made some great friends at work. Studying with Kaplan has also allowed me to get to know people of a similar age who are experiencing the same things at work and with exams as me.

All in all, my first 10 months in London have been incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to the next few years, if not more, at Shipleys. I’ll post on here again after my next few exams, fingers crossed!

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Lizzi Gear

I work in the Audit team and started as a trainee in August 2014. I studied Mathematics at the University of Sheffield. I work on the audit and accounts of a variety of Shipleys' clients.