Midway through secondment

I’m midway through the secondment programme and so far the top highlights for me have definitely been meeting new people and trying new things, getting back into squash and fitness, the spontaneous trips to watch rugby, Sydney University law society comedy show and even that place they call ‘Chinese Laundry’.

Obviously there’s been the rough with the smooth- namely: being really ill after eating undercooked kangaroo steak, close to the sell-by date. This had quite the seismic effect as, for the secondment to date, ‘jump steak’ and lentils were the only two meals I’d cook at home and now it just doesn’t quite have the same appeal! Overall however it’s been huge.

So what does the future hold? As part of the exchange programme with Shipleys we get a month off to travel afterwards- ‘no way dude’!! Then after all that, I’ll be back having fun working at Shipleys – lots to look forward to.


Aus vs NZ, Bledisloe Cup, after some disappointing play from the Wallabies.



Shipleys goes to Sydney!

From London to Sydney

So this is my first post since joining Shipleys in January; there’s a fair amount to report to you so let’s go!

From the moment I walked around the office on that wintry morning in January, I knew I’d stumbled on a pretty lucky place to work. Table tennis, pool, inventive socials, a very good support structure, interesting clients, an incredible work life balance and some pretty ok people in the firm have really lit the year up for me.

Then I found out about Shipleys’ work exchange programme with Australian firm Hall Chadwick. Two people from Hall Chadwick come to work with us at Shipleys for three months and then Shipleys send two people over to work in Sydney for three months. So after consolidating my presence at the firm as king of the table tennis and pool courts, I thought my luck was coming to an end, however in a Leicester City FC-esque premier league winning run, I managed to get onto the exchange programme with the infamous Andrew Howard and here we are!!

Although being a huge advocate of working and living in London, from my time in Sydney so far I have really been taken by the city. We have been put up in little area called Bronte, 10 minutes from Bronte beach and may be 30 minutes in flip flops from Bondi Beach (Sydney’s main tourist beach); along one of the most scenic walkways I’ve strolled. It’s a different vibe to Elephant & Castle anyway.

Andrew and I have been enjoying our time at Hall Chadwick. The nuts and bolts of what I’ve been doing has been the same as at Shipleys but it has been interesting seeing the different culture, ways of doing things and practices of a different firm in a different country. Undoubtedly the work has been relatively challenging, getting up to speed in a short space of time with a fair amount of work to go around; however the audit team at Hall Chadwick is great and I feel I’ve learnt a great deal. In essence, I couldn’t recommend the programme highly enough.