Australian adventures

Apart from work, taking on the Australian lifestyle has been much easier due to the apartment I call home being on one of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi. Six weeks in I have added to my workout wardrobe to fully immerse myself in this active community with sunrise runs, yoga/barre sessions in the evenings and surfing on the weekend. All of the activities are appropriately followed by a mean green machine smoothie from one of the many healthy hangouts in Bondi. Even though it is winter, the sun is shining with bright blue skies every single day. Quite a change from the constant grey canvas of London.

Every down time moment I have been given I have hit the road to tick off as many items on my Australian bucket list as possible. One weekend I travelled to Port Stephens to go hump back whale watching as they have come into the bays to have their calves. When I saw the first puff it was a little disappointing, but then came the tail slaps and a finale of the whole whale’s body leaping out the ocean. Breathe taking, a moment never to be forgotten.

The following weekend, I caught the train to the Blue Mountains. For six hours a day, I hiked up and down these beautiful mountains with loads of cockatoos swooping over the canopy. The name of the mountains comes from the eucalyptus trees releasing oils into the air, which when sunlight hits gives a blue tint. It must be one of the most beautiful views I ever laid my eyes on.

I recently celebrated one of my greatest achievements down in Sydney harbour. Through hard work, lack of social life and pure determination, I passed my finals and I can now officially say I am chartered accountant. I was flooded with sweetest messages from friends, family and of course the Shipleys gang, who have patiently listened to my moaning over the last three years!

I must once again thank Shipleys for this opportunity, without them, these memories would not exist. I look forward to telling you more about my adventures in my next post.

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Sydney Secondment 2017

10 days after my finals, I was flown out to Sydney to join Hall Chadwick firm (HC) who we have great ties with via the AGN network. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful as I settled into my new role. I had to quickly scrub up my speech skills as they requested an introduction of myself to the whole firm in the monthly announcements meeting. The previous secondees from Shipleys had set the bar high by singing the British national anthem, a lot was to be expected. I just about survived the spotlight!

The work has been exciting but challenging due to the different type of clientele here at HC. In the first 4 weeks I joined a team working on a public listed company audits. The first client was in the financial services industry and the second client was an investment company focussing on the agricultural industry. The quantity of work was much larger then I had ever tackled, but by applying all techniques used in practice at Shipleys and my knowledge from college, I managed to keep up the pace. The strict filing line for listed companies crept up quickly but as a team we managed to get everything done in time. The celebration drinks down in the Rocks for that Friday was definitely well deserved.

I am thrilled with my work planner coming as I am outward bound to Brisbane then onto Melbourne for my next jobs, still at heart a tourist when off the clock. These will be large limited companies, working on site with smaller teams. One of my favourite parts of auditing is meeting a client onsite and appreciating all the passion and effort they drill into their own business year on year. It shall also be a great opportunity to bond with my new colleagues on a more personal level as we wine and dine in the cities each night.

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