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Interesting work and first exams.

Hi guys, since my first post I can safely say that the work has well and truly kicked in, I have been lucky enough to work with different people on different jobs from the film sector to schools. This highlights the diverse range of clients Shipley’s has and also why I wanted to join a firm the size of Shipley’s. I have also found that working with different people on different jobs has been great, it has allowed me to properly get to know my fellow colleagues as well as pick up new skills from them.

One of the stand out events since my last post was the Shipley’s Christmas party. This was a great evening, I met some of the people who were starting in January as well as some people I had previously not spoken to. So with the food and drink flowing it made for quite an entertaining evening.

Away from work I have been studying and recently just taken my first three professional stage exams. Prior to these exams I was in college for a two week revision period, this I thought was really helpful as it allowed me to further my understandings of the topics. College is also a great place to meet a range of people, you are all in the same boat so everyone understands how hard this period can be, I also found that everyone is more than happy to help with problems you may face.

As the exam period is now over its nice to get back to normality especially as I have some interesting jobs lined up over the next couple of weeks.

Happy belated New Year!

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Sujit Dadar

I work in the Audit team at Shipleys and started as a trainee in August 2015. I graduated from Cardiff University in 2014 with a degree in Accounting and Finance.