2016 – Happy New Year!


Hi all! Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve had chance to post on here. After a fun filled summer in London things became really busy for me in the winter. I have now been working at Shipleys for just under 18 months and the last 6 months saw me take on more responsibility than I’d had previously. Personally, I found this great, as it was something that attracted me to work in a medium-sized firm to begin with. I also felt ready to take on the responsibility as Shipleys are good at phasing you into working independently; seniors and managers are always willing to help and answer any queries that you may have.

As well as my work life picking up, I studied for the final set of professional exams, which I sat in early December. This meant a few weeks spent in college learning the material, followed by the juggling of home study and work up until the revision stage. As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy going to college as you get to know people at various other firms and by this stage in my training contract I have people that I’ve studied with since the beginning and are very good friends. This means that despite the difficult nature of the exams, everyone is there to help you through it.

When exams were finally over (hooray!) I came back to work and worked on two clients, a film client and a school, before Christmas. I was excited to be back, I needed the normality; Shipleys staff as a whole, however, were of course very excited instead for our annual Christmas party. We spent the evening at Le Meridian hotel on Piccadilly, conveniently located near our office, and lots of food, drink and dancing meant we had a very enjoyable evening.

I’m writing this during our first week back at work – with new staff starting every 6 months, January is an exciting time despite the Christmas blues! I’ve already been to a client and am looking forward to my next 6 months; I have away jobs lined up and, as Sujit mentioned, clients from a number of industries, as well as some that I have worked on in the past. I hope you’re all looking forward to the New Year, too!


Lizzi Gear

I work in the Audit team and started as a trainee in August 2014. I studied Mathematics at the University of Sheffield. I work on the audit and accounts of a variety of Shipleys' clients.